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What is Applied Awakening?   Applied awakening is the application of the realization of Non-separation. This usually leads to the follow up question, “Well, what is Non-separation?” Non-separation is the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal, a realization that functions as the pre-cursor to Applied Awakening. This is precisely why the focus of Applied Awakening is on teaching the Path of Non-separation – once Non-separation is realized, one is naturally lived as an invitation to awakening and the applications of this invitation effortlessly unfold.

What is the Path of Non-separation?  The Path of Non-separation is a contemporary self inquiry process for people passionate about taking a real world journey to remembering the pre-existing unity of who you truly are. It begins by grasping that the primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a separate self, an understanding that means the formerly unquestioned belief in separation is, in fact, questionable. This understanding launches a self inquiry process that can move one from living a life based on an assumption of a separate self to being lived as the authentic existence of Non-separation – graduating one from being fully embedded in (and creating from) a personal context to being a new set of outcomes as a conduit of the impersonal. This new set of outcomes is the impersonal action of Applied Awakening.

The invitation extended in the collection of lectures, books, articles and films you find below is nothing less than to remember who you truly are. It’s an invitation to recognize how our global institutions, whether they be political, economic, educational, cultural or religious are built upon the foundational assumption of a separate self. Applied Awakening is a call to heal this culture of separation by realizing the inquiry needed to catalyze the self-rightening movement towards a culture of Non-separation. To support this endeavor, I offer teachings from numerous fields – everything from psychology and spirituality to pop culture and international relations.  

I hope they’re of service to your journey.

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The Path of Non-separation

The Path of Non-separation is the pre-cursor to Applied Awakening. It is a contemporary self inquiry process for people passionate about taking a real world journey to realize the true self.

By clicking the button below, you will be directed to my blog, Nonseparation.com. It’s the best website to visit if you are searching for an archive of written lessons that teach the Path of Non-separation.

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In the Teaching Studio, you will find  video lectures on Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation arranged in four categories:

​​​​​​​ International Relations, Transpersonal Psychology, American Culture and Self Inquiry.

New videos are added once or twice a month. 

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Enter the Teaching Studio
Below is a library of resources for you – lectures, articles, films & books to support your study of Applied Awakening & the Path of Non-separation. Click on any of the titles to access your selection.
Applied Awakening Courses

For those who are unable to commit to working with me 1 on 1, taking an Applied Awakening online course is a convenient alternative. All courses are composed of video lectures and study guides you can complete at your own pace.

Currently, the courses offered focus on teaching the Path of Non-separation self inquiry process or Applied Awakening in a socio-political context.

Richardson-Borne Institute

Richardson-Borne Institute is a think tank dedicated to the study of Applied Awakening. The Institute's mission is to teach the Path of Non-separation, to reveal the primary assumption of humanity (the belief in a separate self) and to explore applications that shift our culture from one rooted in separation to one aligned with the lived experience of Non-separation.

At the Institute I offer online courses, 1 on 1 study sessions, a 4-week Intensive Study Program and a 1-year Degree in Applied Awakening.

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